Gutter system is one of the most crucial part of industrial roofing. If not done correctly in the first go. It will be permenent headche for maintaince. Rooflab Infra provides a variety of gutter system as per requirement. Rooflab Infra is only company that can be provide5 meter length single length, length gutter in 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm thickness is this feature reduce 50% of laps and thus reduce changes of leakage.

Features of Purlins

1) As per Required Length.

2) High tensile Strength.

3) Easy Installation.

4) Corrosion Resistance.

Advantages of Purlins :

1) Ability to span length.

2) No site drilling/ cutting required.

3) Assured dimention & strength.

4) Low transport cost due to decreased weight