Z purlins are ideal products that provide long spans between portal frame on your Industrial building. Z are available in different size and material strength to match the design specification of your building.

Z purlin are made from GI / CR / HR steel and are roll formed to length with holes punched to your specification. Usage of C & Z Purlins result in cost saving up to 50 % in structural steels as compare to traditional section like Angle, Chennel & hollow section.

Like round pipe or square pipe it available in standard length hence there is no material wastage. 

Features of Purlins

1) As per Required Length.

2) High tensile Strength.

3) Easy Installation.

4) Corrosion Resistance.

Advantages of Purlins :

1) Ability to span length.

2) No site drilling/ cutting required.

3) Assured dimention & strength.

4) Low transport cost due to decreased weight